DBRE Green Power for a sustainable Future

AMW is working to craft a revolutionary low-cost, reliable and highly efficient engine known as the DBRE
DBRE 9.9

Power for the People!

U.S. Patent no.: US 7,171,941 B2

The pinnacle of DBR development will be the realization of the Ducted Blade Rotary Engine (DBRE) the engine of the future. Along with offering a potent combination of power and economy, the DBRE will not exhibit the noise, vibration or harshness normally associated with conventional engines. The DBRE's innate balance and simplicity will ensure that the cost of its design, manufacturing and ownership will be less than that of a conventional engine.

DBRE 9.9

While the appeal of the DBRE in the automobile industry is obvious, the small engine market provides the best platform to introduce this technology. This market is perfect in the sense that it offers a low entry barrier and guarantees the lowest development cost.

DBRE 9.9

Residential and commercial small engines are large contributors to air and noise pollution. There have been very small, incremental improvements in this sector and the EPA continues to tighten emissions standards for these engines. The greatest need for improvement is in the sub-2HP range where lightweight two-stroke engines dominate.

Anyone who has operated a chainsaw or a weed-trimmer for extensive periods has felt the stress from the small engines in these devices. It is easy to see how a smooth, powerful and lightweight engine like the DBR-tech engine would be a vast improvement in this regard. The need for cleaner power tools, lawnmowers and portable generators can be addressed with a low cost alternative. High power density can be achieved for weight sensitive or small devices.

Adoption of the DBRE in the transportation sector as a pneumatic-combustion hybrid could cut US fuel consumption by more than half, and significantly reduce pollutants and heat emissions. It is plausible that the benefit to the pump and compressor industries from this technology could be just as dramatic. Manufacturers of aircraft power plants and micro generators will also have an interest in this development. The ability to passively switch the sequence of each chamber input or output from parallel to series makes this a unique opportunity to disrupt a very wide market range.

Atlas Motor Works will play a pivotal role in bringing the DBR technology to the masses. Click here to view a six minute presentation on this exciting technology.