AMW - from one, many

DBR Technology has the potential to play a key in role in existing markets as well as emerging 'Green Technologies'. The balanced, high output and low-loss characteristics of the DBR technology could benefit many applications:
   - Autoclave
   - Medical / Semiconductor
   - Microscopic (MEMS)
   - Municipal Sump/Drainage
   - Process Control
   - Vacuum
   - Water Jet (water craft)
   - Air
   - Environmental Control (A/C, Heat Pump, Refrigerator)
   - Turbo/Superchargers
   - Hydro-Electric
   - Solar Turbine
   - Compressed Air
   - Sterling Cycle
   - Microscopic (MEMS)
   - Small scale (lawnmowers, chainsaws, weed-eaters, blowers)
   - Large scale (aircraft, boats, ships)
   - Pneumatic-Combustion Hybrid (transportation)

   Various DBR Topologies
These markets are widely variegated and deeply fractionated. For instance, engine developers typically design devices for specific performance parameters and narrow operating limitations. The adaptability of the DBR technology will allow these same engineers an unprecedented array of options. The DBR's topology can be modified to exhibit either high volume or high torque, or can be dynamically switched between the two.

The symmetry and simplicity of the DBR technology allows for options in materials and manufacturing techniques that will scale down costs while increasing reliability. The unparalleled flexibility and functionality of the DBR-tech's topology holds the promise of bold, new frontiers hitherto unimaginable with existing methods. 

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