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The DBR is mechanically designed with a rotating disc (hence the moniker) that is sandwiched between plates. These plates contain a series of small chambers that might be best described as divots.† The rotating disc itself carries spinning drive plates, each of which contains a lobe. The individual lobes in turn engage each of the chambers or divots sequentially.† With each sweep of a lobe through a chamber, a complete exchange of gases occurs.†This process results in two cycles that are completed effectively and efficiently. Air is drawn in behind one sweeping drive plate while exhaust gases are pushed out in front of that plate. The four†Brayton cycles†(as in a turbine), are positively displaced and separately processed for optimization. Consequently, the aerodynamic penalty at partial power with turbines is eliminated.†

This operation and functionality gives the DBRE remarkable power density.† A 525 cu in, 400hp engine is only about the size of an economy carís spare tire.

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